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Cytric is your one stop shop for superior web3 builds.

We help you create the following products:

NFT ERC-721 Development, Launches and GenerationWe will develop your NFT Launch end-to-end by creating a killer smart contract backend, optimized and seamless UI/UX and generate your unique collection.
Token ERC-20 Development & LaunchesWe will develop and help you launch a custom ERC-20 token with burn, buyback, tax, reflections, rebase or any other feature you may need. We will also work out robust and sustainable tokenomics and help you setup a whitepaper for your token.
NFT Marketplaces, IDO Launchpads, P2E Games, Crypto casino and trading analytics platformsWe will create your own custom web3 plaftorm based on the many popular applications we see in the web3 space. Branded to your own company or brand we will deliver a high end well working web3 platform of your liking.
Defi Development: Decentralized Exchanges, DEX Aggregators, Lending & Borrowing platforms, Yield farming applications, LP Lockers.We help you work out, create and launch complicated DEFI products that will impress even the savviest crypto enthusiast.
Smart Contract AuditsWe will make sure your contracts are secure and bug free by doing a full scale audit. You will get a full analysis of your contract code packaged in a well-designed report with our own stamp of approval attached to it.
Custom Smart Contract DevelopmentWe will help you launch your never seen or done before idea to the crypto market by providing you with custom smart contract implementations and dapp development.

Meet the brains behind Cytric

The big guys


KASH is the CEO and Lead developer of He has done the development of many of the projects Cytric has done. He leads the ship and is involved with the high level architecture of all projects we do.


Humble is the CMO and head of communications at He helps your project get to the next level by connecting you to high level players and leaders in the web3 space. He is your one stop shop for networking and marketing your project.

GALLEAD Designer

Gal is the Lead designer at Having more than a decade of experience as a designer and working as the head designer for giant car manufacturing in the past, he creates the most amazing and seamless user interfaces and experiences seen in the web3 space.

TEOSenior Contract Developer

As a Senior Contract Developer, Teo builds out many of the complicated smart contract backends we deliver to our clients. He’s involved in architecting and delivering highly optimized smart contracts

Case Studies of Our Work


Case study | Dec 2021

How Cytric helped Slotie NFT launch their NFT collections and develop their NFT ecosystem, raising 10M$ in the process.


Case study | Mar 2022

How Cytric helped Metatriads launch their NFT collection, $Tria token and staking portal, raising 1M$ in the process.

Crypto Bears

Case study | Mar 2022

How Cytric helped Crypto Bull Society sell out 1111 Crypto Bears in minutes, and offer a free claim for all crypto bull holders, generating $700K revenue in the process.

Previous Case Study
Slotie NFTCase study | Sep 2020

Slotie NFT

Case study | Sep 2020
Next Case Study
Slotie NFTCase study | Sep 2020
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